The Producer’s Corner: The state of local and international football


In “On the Sideline”, Dalton discusses the recent has approved some events proposed for Paris 2024 with Skateboarding, sport climbing, surfing and breaking (a form of Breakdancing) officially approved onto the Paris 2024 programme. He shares his views on the reasons that have resulted in the sport of netball consistently not being approved by the International Olympic Committee into the Olympic Games’ programme. He also discusses policy changes that should be done by stakeholders in netball to improve the sport’s chances of being integrated by the IOC into the Games. 

In the Play of the Day, Producer, Rosheika Grant returns for The Producer’s Corner to discuss “The State of Football, Regionally and Internationally”.

Guest: Machel Turner, Football Analyst

Sport Coordinator at the University of Technology, Jamaica

In this episode, Machel, Dalton and Rosheika discuss The State of Football, Regionally and Internationally. They share their views on the development of Jamaica’s young footballers as sport administrators deal with the pandemic and the postponement of football locally.  They also discuss the route to sustainability for local football clubs and the importance of developing structured youth teams to successfully growing the sport locally and regionally. 

The trio also speaks about:

  1. How critical it is for local football clubs to produce talent to export to other leagues is to changing the football landscape locally
  2. The importance of changing the culture and attitude towards local footballers playing in leagues across the world.
  3. Improving the professionalism in the National Premier League and how that will attract sponsors

Dalton, Rosheika and Machel also discussed various issues regarding the Premier League and international football. 

Other topics discussed are:

  1. The five-substitution rule and the issues behind it not being implemented for the current season
  2. The extended Winter schedule and the impact it will have on football teams and also international teams
  3. The concerns of coaches and football clubs about the impact  of international breaks amidst the pandemic and the shortened break in the summer 
  4. The Reggae Boyz’ chances of qualifying for the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup, the depth of the Reggae Boyz team and the level of preparation needed to enhance their chances of qualification 
  5. Machel’s pick for the 2021 UEFA Champions League winner
  6. Dalton, Rosheika and Machel’s top four finishers for the Premier League

The “Podcast Pick” for this week’s episode is “Seoul to Beijing” by Don Anderson.

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