Shanieka Ricketts: Trust the process – Be patient with yourself


In the “Play of the Day”, Dalton speaks with Olympian and Jamaican triple jumper Shanieka Ricketts.

Shanieka Ricketts is a Jamaican triple jumper who has represented Jamaica at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and World Athletic Champions. She won silver at the Pan Am Games and World Athletic Championships in 2019. She also was the 2019 Diamond League Champion.

In this episode, Shanieka discusses the phases of her career. She explained why she chose to specialise in the triple jump instead of the long jump and the level of discipline that it takes to master her event.

Shanieka also speaks about:

  1. Her decision to attend the Vere Technical High School despite being from St Thomas
  2. Her student-athlete experience abroad and the motivation to return to Jamaica to train post-college
  3. The improvement in her career since returning to Jamaica and how she stayed motivated while adjusting to her return

The 2019 RJRGLEANER Awards Sports Woman of the Year Nominee shared details about her fairytale season in 2019 and how it changed her life.

Other topics discussed are:

  1. The dynamic and experience of her husband, Kerry Lee Ricketts being her coach
  2. The importance of Jamaican field event competitors doing well to increase participation in events besides track 
  3. The issues and opportunities that came with the pandemic for her preparation for Tokyo 2020
  4. The Ricketts Performance Centre and what it is like to train with so many other young athletes
  5. Advice for young track and field athletes
  6. What she wants her legacy to be and her post-track and field aspirations
  7. Aiming for the national record

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