Guest: Randy Rowe
Equity Investor and Strategy Consultant

Randy is a self-taught Equity Investor and Strategy Consultant. He also works as a Business Consultant and manages his personal Private Equity Fund while running an online financial literacy business,, which he founded in 2012 as a simple blog.  In Episode 18 of the Drive Phase Podcast, we have a discussion with Randy Rowe on Athletes and their Financial Future.

Show Notes

Randy has been doing investments successfully for some time now. He shares very applicable personal stories on investments, and uses that knowledge to encourage athletes to be more financially prudent. Randy discuss the Jamaica Stock Market, initial public offerings (IPOs) and general information about investing and saving. He also gives practical solutions to potential problems related to how athletes sometimes treat their earnings and offers suggestions on who to turn to for financial advice. This is a lively discussion as Randy help us breakdown some financial jargon, simplifying things a bit.

Randy suggests that:

  1. Athletes should have a Financial Advisor or Money Manager to help them maximise on their earnings
  2. Athletes should take advantage of the investment opportunities locally
  3. They should be more aware about money and the use of money
  4. In terms of investment, they should think about “how much money I’m putting in vs how much am I getting out and why”

He also makes general recommendations that I think athletes, support personnel and the average listener can appreciate and benefit from.

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