Producer’s Corner: Issues and Opportunities for Women in Sport in the Caribbean

Rosheika Grant – Host

In the Play of the Day, Producer, Rosheika Grant returns for The Producer’s Corner to discuss “ Issues and Opportunities for Women in Sport in the Caribbean”.

In this episode, Rosheika is joined by Jamaican distance flag-bearer Aisha Praught-Leer, Media and Communication Specialist Marsha Boyce, Sports Journalist, Karen Madden and Logistics Manager, Dr Carol Long to discuss Issues and Opportunities for Women in Sport in the Caribbean. They share the challenges that female athletes face from adolescence to professional athletes including wage disparity, visibility and sport administration. 

They also speak about:

  1. The cultural shift that is necessary to sustaining participation in sports for girls after adolescence
  2. Safeguarding children in sport by creating structures and environment that are safe for children to thrive and compete in
  3. Empowering women in sports

The ladies also discussed the impact of the pandemic on female sports along with the disparity between the attention given to the restart of male sports and female sports. 

Other topics discussed are:

  1. The importance of diversity in decision making in sport administration
  2. Targetting sponsorships for female sports
  3. Regional female athletes and the rationale behind their lack of advocacy on issues affecting women in sport 
  4. The importance of women in sports being visible to influence girls in sport 
  5. The role of male leadership to women in sport thriving in the industry

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