Producer’s Corner: The potential impact of the lack of sporting competition in the Caribbean


In the Play of the Day, Producer, Rosheika Grant returns for The Producer’s Corner to discuss “How lack of competition is affecting sport in the Caribbean”

In this episode, Dalton and Rosheika discuss How lack of competition is affecting sport in the Caribbean. They share their views on the various issues and challenges in the lack of competition across all sport locally and regionally. 

The duo also speaks about:

  1. Impact of state-enforced curfews and health protocols on the ability to train due to inadequate facilities and resources
  2. Inability to travel and how it affects the opportunities to achieve qualification standards
  3. Recommendations for sporting stakeholders to be given special provisions from regional Government 
  4. How cricket may fare as the sport with youth not being able to exhibit their talent

Dalton and Rosheika also discussed the opportunities that the pandemic presents for the athletes and sporting associations.

Other topics discussed are:

  1. The importance of sporting organisations using this period to discuss issues such as safeguarding children in sport
  2. The welfare of athletes and coaches and the type of support system that they need 
  3. The way forward for the National Premier League

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