Covid-19, Physical Therapy and Return to Sport in the Caribbean


Guest: Marita Marshall – Physiotherapist
Clinical Director at Physiotherapy & Optimal PerformanceServices (POPS)

Physiotherapist and Clinical Director at Physiotherapy & Optimal PerformanceServices (POPS) Marita Marshall, discusses Covid-19-  Physical Therapy and Return to Sport in the Caribbean. The Barbadian shares her thoughts on the role of physiotherapy in athlete development as we look to the safe return of sport in the region. Marita has served as Physiotherapist for Cricket West Indies women’s team and gives advice to athletes, coaches and officials on ways to ensure they can train and compete; as well as injury management and prevention advice as they return to the field of play. 

Marita also talks about:

  1. Some of the common injury she sees in professional sport
  2. Precautions physiotherapists have to take now as you look to treat athletes and officials
  3. Things athletes and coaches should be mindful of as they look to resume sport
  4. The role of physiotherapy in the Caribbean
  5. Advice for youngster who wants to become a physiotherapist

Marita also talks about her decision to become an entrepreneur and the impact of covid-19 on her business. She also explained how she has been able to navigate the issues and challenges associated with the pandemic to continue operating and providing service to clients.

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