Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn: The Business of Sport – My Journey


Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn

In this episode, we look at The Business of Sport: My Journey with Mrs. Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn. She talks about her journey as a professional athlete, beginning in St. Thomas, Jamaica to competing at the Olympic Games. We discuss her track rivalry with fellow sprinter Merlene Ottey as well as their sisterly bond; and how Merlene assisted her throughout her career and taught her many lessons about saving and investments.  Juliet also talks about training and competition after pregnancy; dealing with retirement and injuries; and other issues facing athletes.  Juliet also shares her story about the transition into politics and entrepreneurship.

Juliet is a five-times Olympian, a Government Member of Parliament and an entrepreneur. She has won three Olympic Medals, four World Championship outdoor medals and one World indoor.  She has years of experience in sport administration and currently plays a crucial role in the World Olympian Association.

In this episode, The Business of Sport:  My Journey. She made other suggestions for athletes:

1. Athletes should start preparing for retirement while they are still competing

2. Athletes should ensure they live within their means

3. Athletes should not only stay away from banned substances but also educate themselves about the fight against doping in sports

4. Always believe in yourself.

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