Emir Crowne: Sport Law as a Viable Profession in the Caribbean

Dr. Emir Crowne
Barrister, Attorney-at-Law & Trade-mark Agent

Dr. Emir Crowne is a Barrister and Attorney-at-Law admitted to practice in Ontario, Canada and Trinidad & Tobago, respectively. He is also a registered Trademark Agent in Canada, and an Intellectual Property Agent in Trinidad & Tobago. He has been involved in several anti-doping cases including most recently Jamaican athlete Brianna Williams vs JADCO.


This episode features a very informative conversation with Sports Attorney-at-Law Dr. Emir Crowne. Emir delves into sport dispute resolution, unravelling some of the issues and challenges in the region. He also gives some advice to young lawyers who may want to pursue sports law as a viable profession. There were many good moments in this episode and I enjoyed discussing this potential career path for sport lawyers and tips on how they can develop.

His suggestions include:

1. Working with national sport federations to establish dispute resolution policy guidelines

2. Spending time doing pro bono work with athletes and/or national sport federations

3. Helping sport associations to ensure that the natural justice rights of everyone involved in doping cases are respected

4. Putting your head down and just doing the work as whatever accolades to be had will eventually come.

He also makes some recommendations for national sport associations in relation to dispute resolution.

Emir also touches on the aspects of recent topical cases in the Caribbean including the Brianna Williams doping violation case, and the Thelma Williams selection issue, sharing lessons from his involvement. He also gives his take on other regional and global issues such as the purpose of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), the International Olympic Committee’s Advertising Regulations and the role of the Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission (JADCO) among others.

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