Carole Beckford – Careers in Sport: A Practical Guide


Carole Beckford
Marketing & Communications Specialist, Sports Consultant and Author

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Carole Beckford is the Chief Executive Officer of Carole Beckford & Associates and Co-Founder of the Business of Sports Conference. She was the publicist for track and field superstar, Usain Bolt . She is a former President of the Jamaica Volleyball Association and was also the Marketing and Communications Manager of Cricket West Indies..

In this episode, Carole discusses her storied experience within the sporting industry. She discusses her start in Sports Journalism and her time at The Gleaner. She also speaks about her time as an educator in Jamaica and Bahamas.

Carole also discusses about:

  1. How she got involved in marketing and communications.
  2. Her experience working with Usain Bolt and how much it taught her about the business of track and field.
  3. Her move to Cricket West Indies and what lessons she learnt while serving as the Marketing and Communications Manager.
  4. The career options in sport including agents, marketers, media personnel, analytics and artificial intelligence, physiotherapist and masseur.

She discusses the importance of creating content for athletes in developing their overall brand and documenting their lifestyles. She also speaks about wanting more athletes developing documentaries and how crucial that is for legends such as Brian Lara and regional stars to digitise their journey.

Other topics she spoke about are:  

  1. The importance of building a network as you seek to establish yourself in the sporting industry and the value of volunteering for sporting events such as conferences and major championships.
  2. Sports at the tertiary level and the changes she wants to see in the curriculum in regards to social development.
  3. Lack of adequate regional integration and how it may affect the development of the sporting industry regionally.
  4. Creating opportunities from the culture of sports in the Caribbean.
  5. Her most memorable moments as a publicist.
  6. Her advice for young people interested in being in the sporting industry.
  7. Her Instagram Live show, “Straight Forward”.

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