Alexis Nunes: Media and Sports- My Journey

Alexis Nunes
Sport Journalist – ESPN

Alexis Nunes is a Jamaican reporter and host for ESPN FC and ESPNcricinfo.  She has covered several major events for ESPN including the 2015 PanAm Games.  She has served as a commentator at the 2015 and 2019 Cricket World Cup, Women’s Cricket World Cup, IPL 2014 and the Major League Soccer (MLS) International Championships. Alexis began her career at SportsMax Limited as a producer and reporter.

In this episode, Alexis shares how she developed an interest in sports, her academic background and her start in sports journalism. She also speaks about being mentored by Simon Crosskill at SportsMax Limited and her experience working with cricketing veterans such as Wavell Hinds and Jeffrey Dujon. She also discusses how her time at SportsMax moulded her broadcasting persona.

Alexis also discusses:

  1. How she discovered her natural affinity for television and her comfort in front of cameras at a young age.
  2. Her family’s history, as El Salvadorians and Jamaicans.
  3. Her move from Jamaica to the United States of America and subsequently, the United Kingdom.
  4. The transition from working at SportsMax Limited to ESPN and the difference in broadcasting styles at SportsMax Limited and ESPN.
  5. The highs and lows of live broadcasting

Alexis also spoke of being a part of the team that broke the news of Paul Pogba’s historic re-signing to Manchester United Football Club. She also shared her memories of some of her most memorable interviews which include Jürgen Klopp.

Other topics field discussed are:

  1. Being a female reporter and broadcaster in a male-dominated industry
  2. The decline of interest in cricket regionally
  3. Advice for women interested in sports journalism.

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