2020 Sport Year in Review


In this episode, our guest, Sport Commentator, Donald Smith joins host, Dalton Myers and producer, Rosheika Grant to discuss “The Year in Review of Sports in 2020”.

In this episode, Machel, Dalton and Rosheika discuss their top moments in sports in 2020, the disappointments of the year regionally and internationally and also their expectations and hopes for 2021 in the sporting arena. They discuss the cancellation of events such as the Boys and Girls Championships and National Premier League and the impact on stakeholders.

The trio also speaks about:

  1. The effect of the little to no competitive football locally and the importance of football returning in early 2021 
  2. The value of the Velocity Fest Meets that were held and how the organisers’ approach should be adapted by other sporting stakeholders
  3. The disadvantage that local athletes may face when they return to international competitions
  4. The resilience of sport internationally in its return and the ingenious strategies to satisfy protocols such as the NBA Bubble 
  5. The economic impact of cancellation of sports regionally and internationally on stakeholders such as athletes, sport administrators and sport commentators

Dalton, Rosheika and Donald also discussed various issues including the impact of the postponement of Tokyo 2020 on other major calendar events including Commonwealth Games, World Athletic Games and Commonwealth Junior Games. 

Other topics discussed are:

  1. The Salwa Eid Naser and Christian Coleman’s issues with doping violations and the issues that it highlights in terms of athlete awareness of the anti-doping rules and standards 
  2. How the media responded to the changing sporting landscape in 2020
  3. Content production and the increase of sport podcasts and YouTube channels regionally
  4. Social justice and sports
  5. Top two moments for each presenter 
  6. Way forward for Sports in 2021

The “Podcast Pick” for this week’s episode is “Perspectives on Caribbean Football” by Christopher A.D. Charles.

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